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    Topship won the “Outstanding Contributor of DOW Chemical”
    Update: 2016/6/6      Hits: 3374
                            On May 24th, 2016, Topship attended the Polyether Glycol Introduction Meeting held by DOW
                        Chemical, where it was awarded the “Outstanding Contributor of DOW Chemical”, being the only 
                        trading company to receive the honor in south China.
                            Thanks to this meeting, Topship gained a better understanding of DOW’s technology
                        development of polyether glycol, the product supply, as well as logistic status of the subsequent 
                        Sadara project in Saudi Arabia.
                            After the meeting, Mr. Glenn Wright, Global Business President of PU department of DOW 
                        Chemical highly appreciated Topship’s sales performance of DOW’s PU products. He conducted
                        a thorough conversation with Topship’s General Manager Mr. Li Qingkai and Vice General
                        Manager Mr. Gu Jun, focusing on the global development trend of PU industry, the market prospect
                        of PU products in China, and so forth.
                            This meeting will promote further cooperation between Topship and DOW Chemical, facilitating 
                        Topship to obtain more market share of PU products in the domestic market.


    Company News
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